Don't let behavior issues get between you and your pet. Let us help you build a lasting bond while eliminating the issues that are getting in the way of having a fun and lasting relationship with your pet.

We are a group of certified trainers and animal welfare advocates dedicated to force free training methodologies. 

We believe in the

Power of the Pawsitive!

What We Do

Paw It Forward helps save and re-establish relationships between pet parents and their companion animals.

Our organization assists with financial aid to make training and behavior modification accessible to qualified pet parents. We provide education about training and behavior modification to the public and rescue community.  Paw It Forward strives to be the building block in establishing or repairing the pet/human relationship.

Who We've Helped

Please send us your own paw in hand photo to remind us of the clients and animals we have helped along the way. 

Closeup portrait photo of an adorable mo