Our Programs


Nearly half of re-homed dogs are given up because of behavior problems such as aggression towards other animals and/or people, not getting along with another pet in the home, destructive behaviors, disobedience, house soiling or excessive vocalization. Such behavior problems can destroy the relationship between pets and their owners, yet they are often easily corrected by training and/or behavior modification.


Our organization assists with financial aid to make training and behavior modification accessible to qualified pet parents.

Temporary Boarding

Owners of companion animals often find themselves - through no fault of their own - in situations where they need to make the heartbreaking decision to leave their pet(s) behind or become homeless together. Whether they lose their housing due to natural disasters or economic reasons or need some additional time to find housing that allows their animal companion, Paw It Forward may be able to help.


We can offer temporary foster homes, reduced boarding fees or other financial aid to make temporary housing accessible to qualified pet parents.


Nearly 100% of dogs surrendered to shelters are given up within three months of being in a home. Educating potential adopters about what to expect before bringing an animal home is crucial to a successful adoption. Providing rescue and shelter personnel with resources to provide basic obedience training is another way to set up a companion animal for a successful transition into a new home.

Paw It Forward organizes workshops and seminars for rescue volunteers, foster homes and the general public. Our workshops focus on force-free training and behavior modification, steps to resolve basic training problems such as leash walking skills, house soiling, and pet/kid safety.